Using the responses to a 12-part questionnaire intended to promote self-reflection, which we will be asking women worldwide to complete, we will create artworks (sculptures and paintings). These artworks represent our interpretation of how we feel about and perceive the messages, thoughts, experiences of these women. We want to make an impact by conveying a representation of women’s empowerment and tell inspiring stories. The emphasis of this art project is also on the power of collective wisdom and on the global women’s network.

We will be taking a closer, creative look, at women in different countries, cultures, classes, with various values, backgrounds, traditions, unique personal histories, priorities and perspectives. Our aim is to encourage people to contemplate and reflect. We want to multiply female strengths and release positive, creative energies, which are, especially in this „(post)-COVID-19-time“ more essential than ever.


The submission of the contributions are anonymous. (Online questionnaire). We will be accepting a max. 2,021 submissions worldwide. The main languages for the entries are: English, German, Italian and Hungarian, whereby through our international network further language services are locally offered.

The submissions form the basis of the artworks. The finished works together with the entries will be published in a printed catalogue, and shown in a series of temporary exhibitions.

We would like to involve our visitors already, before the shows begin, in our art project. Everybody, who has  sent us her answers can re-read them in the catalogue, together with the other answers, and explore through the exhibited artworks how we interpreted their messages. 

We are looking forward to inviting local artists as well (depending on the place and the resources), who would like to express their thoughts and interpretations about the power of women through their own artworks.  In the framework of the exhibition (which is supposed to be shown on one place from 1 to 5 days as a max.) we offer not only a presentation and a guided tour, but also panel discussions and talks, with the opportunity to exchange experiences and opinions. 

Our Exhibition-Set is very compact and easy to transport, with Stands which are freestanding and can be installed in any weatherproof and clean location. We also have mobile media stations with monitors demonstrating our bigger artworks and installations, to optimise the effort and costs.

The „Kick-off-event“, the preview of the collection will take place on

 in Venice, Italy 

Further exhibitions are planned in Europe and, if needed, worldwide.